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 Home – School Agreement

The relationship between schools and parents is crucial in improving academic outcomes of young people and at Hadlow Rural Community School, we very much value the ability to work together with parents and guardians in ensuring our students, your children, have every opportunity to thrive and excel.

To support this relationship and confirm the shared responsibility for the development and achievement of each student we expect the following from Parents, Students and HRCS as part of the Home-School agreement.


Home/School Agreement


As a parent(s) I/we shall undertake to: -

  • Ensure my/our child leaves home in full Hadlow Rural Community School uniform
  • Ensure my/our child is fully equipped for the Hadlow Rural Community School day
  • Ensure my/our child attends Hadlow Rural Community School on time every day
  • Not take holidays during term time
  • Contact Hadlow Rural Community School when my/our child is absent and provide a confirmation of the reason for absence
  • Take an active interest in the work of my/our child and encourage him/her to always do their best
  • Provide suitable conditions for the completion of homework and ensure my/our child completes their homework on time and to the best of their ability
  • Encourage my/our child to maintain high standards of behaviour, good manners and consideration for others
  • Inform the school if I/we know or suspect my/our child is being bullied
  • Inform the school if there are any problems likely to affect my/our child's learning or if I/we have any concerns about my/our child
  • Attend Parents' Evenings and other relevant meetings
  • Read letters from Hadlow Rural Community School and reply if requested to
  • Contact the school if we have a complaint rather than complain to my/our child, other parents or post on social media
  • Make sure communication with the school is respectful, and that I make every reasonable effort to address my communications to the appropriate member of staff
  • Understand that I should communicate with staff during core school hours, and although they may at times respond outside of those hours, I can’t always expect that
  • Treat all members of the school community with care and respect
  • Participate, wherever possible, in activities organised by parents, staff and students for the ultimate benefit of all the students in the school



As a student I shall do my best to: -

  • Always wear full school uniform to and from Hadlow Rural Community School and during the day
  • Bring the correct equipment, planner and books as required
  • Attend Hadlow Rural Community School every day on time and be punctual to lessons
  • Listen to my teachers and work hard
  • Understand and follow the school rules
  • Do my homework to the best of my ability and hand it in on time
  • Behave well inside and outside of school
  • Respect Hadlow Rural Community School buildings, Equipment and furniture and the property of others
  • Treat all members of the school community with care and respect
  • Speak to an adult about any concerns I have about my or other students’ safety
  • Pro-actively look after other students and under no circumstances bully other students
  • Tell someone if I am being bullied or know of anyone else who is being bullied
  • Let my teachers know if I have any worries
  • Take letters home to parents and return replies
  • Accept sanctions without argument and complete them promptly
  • Support and help at school events
  • Find out what opportunities are open to me


Hadlow Rural Community School

As a School we shall: -

  • Ensure full school uniform is worn at all times
  • Advise your child of the relevant and necessary equipment
  • Encourage and reward good attendance and insist upon punctuality
  • Provide your child with high quality teaching in every subject
  • Set appropriate classwork which will be marked regularly
  • Provide relevant homework which will be marked regularly
  • Prepare your child in a range of subjects that will allow him/her to succeed in national tests and public examinations
  • Encourage and insist on high standards of behaviour, good manners and consideration for others
  • Exercise the statutory powers to discipline students in line with the School’s Behaviour Policy
  • Deal promptly with incidents of bullying
  • Ensure the security and happiness of your child, listen to and respond quickly to any concerns
  • Hold regular Parents' Evenings
  • Report regularly on your child’s progress, effort, attendance and punctuality
  • Inform you of any worries or concerns the school has about your child and work with you to overcome any difficulties
  • Respond to parents’ written complaints in line with Hadlow Rural Community School Complaints Procedure
  • Inform you of events that the school is involved in
  • Provide you and your child with professional advice about continuing educational opportunities and guidance about careers
  • Support your child’s wellbeing and safety by providing a safe, supportive and caring environment


The Home-School Agreement should be signed by all parties prior to joining the school.