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Online Safety

The Internet has become part of our everyday lives and is now easier to access than ever before.

It provides lots of opportunities for entertainment, communication and education, but using the Internet can also have risks. 

Please make sure you have read the Email and Internet Safe Use Rules that can be found in your pupil planner.

Email and Internet – Safe Use Rules

As a Pupil at Hadlow Rural Community School I understand my responsibilities when using the school computers and network.


  • I will only use my own login and password
  • I will keep my password secret
  • I will only use the computers for school-related study
  • I am responsible for my files and understand that Hadlow Rural Community School will check my files and monitor the sites I visit
  • I will only email people I know or my teacher has approved of
  • My emails will be polite and sensible
  • I will not give out any personal information in my emails, like my mobile number or address, or arrange to meet anyone I do not know
  • I will only enter sites on the Internet that I have a teacher’s permission to enter
  • I will not enter chat rooms or play Internet games
  • I will not rearrange the hardware or install any software.

If I break any of these rules I know I may be stopped from using Hadlow Rural Community School computers.

For information about how to stay safe while having fun online visit the thinkuknow website.

For more details please read our Acceptable Use Policy.

For further information on Social Networking sites and Child Exploitation and Online Protection please click on the following link.

Read up on Internet Safety here.