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Hadlow Rural Community School

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Personal Support

The Role of the Tutor

Form tutors have a crucial role in being pro-active in managing behaviour and encouraging pupils to achieve their potential.

The tutor is also the first point of call for parents when they wish to discuss any issues re: their child. In addition tutors are also expected to monitor their pupils, give time for mentoring and Individual Advice and Guidance and encourage engagement with the wider community.

Tutors will closely monitor positive and negative referrals received by each pupil on a weekly basis, as well as reviewing attendance.

Pastoral Support

We value all the pupils in our school equally and believe that every pupil is entitled to have his or her particular needs recognised and addressed.

We believe that all pupils are entitled to experience success and acknowledge that any pupil may encounter difficulties in school at some stage. The form tutor plays a vital role in supporting the pastoral needs of all pupils and is the first point of call for parents. We believe that strong communication between home and school is vital to ensure that all pupils are well supported, happy and ready to learn effectively.

Pupils in need of more intensive pastoral support may be referred to the SENCO. They need the same staged approach that pupils with other sorts of difficulties and disabilities will get, whether this takes the form of access to support in school or through external agencies. They also need teachers and support staff who understand their needs and can sensitively support and encourage pupils to develop in a holistic sense, whether that involves making friendships, developing in confidence or learning strategies to deal with anxiety or stress.

Pupils in need of more intensive pastoral support may be referred to the SENCO. 

We are committed to providing opportunities for acquiring confidence and achieving success in those activities contributing to a positive self-image and all round personal and social development. Tutor time activities, assemblies, community projects and trips will encourage and develop pupils’ skills and learning in these areas and will contribute to their overall wellbeing.

It is important to us that all pupils feel able to participate in the decisions made at Hadlow Rural Community School and that they are given the opportunities to develop their confidence in positions of leadership and responsibility, for example by being involved in the Pupil Council or by taking on the role of form or sports captain.