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Hadlow Rural Community School

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Stakeholder wellbeing is very important to us and at Hadlow Rural community School we ensure that our vision, mission and values are fully integrated throughout the day to day interactions that take place, including; formal curriculum time, extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities, unstructured times and, most importantly, through the structural organisation of the school.

Having high expectations of the school community, promoting students’ personal and social development, and fostering positive attitudes supports a learning environment that significantly contributes to student wellbeing and mental health.

This is accomplished through the strong relationships developed across the school community and the importance that we place on knowing our students, ensuring that the personal, social, physical, mental and academic wellbeing of each individual child is prioritised.

Responsibility for these areas are provided under two separate, but closely interrelated structures within the school. Student support and Learning Support.

Student Support

Learning Support